Annual Club Awards 2018

Annual Club Awards 2018

Outgoing President Nick Hinneberg, Life Membership recipients Matty Weigall and Warwick Dreher and incoming President Peter Kaleta

Outgoing President Nick Hinneberg, Life Membership recipients Matty Weigall and Warwick Dreher and incoming President Peter Kaleta

A big thank you to everyone that came down to the Old Melburnians Hockey Club's AGM/Awards function. It was a great evening - congratulations to all winners and especially Matty Weigall and Warwick Dreher who became the inaugural recipients of Life Membership for their services to the Club.

The evening was special on another front – a time to thank our outgoing long term President Nick Hinneberg who has stepped down after many years in leadership roles for the Club. During Nick’s time he oversaw the implementation of a program to professionalise our Club, our first period with Club Sponsors and the events leading up to and the successful 2016 year when the Club won 3 premierships for the first time in one year. All past and present players and the wider OMHC community thank Nick Hinneberg for his time leading the Club. We look forward to many more years of Nick’s play on the pitch as a brilliant Clubman!

OM’s HC 2018 Awards – VL3 Team

 Best & Fairest award

  • 3rd  place – Andy Ralph – 14 votes

  • 2nd place - Nick Hinneberg – 21 votes

  • 1st place – Andrew Strahan – 23 votes

Highest Goal Scorer award

  • Equal 2nd place – Cam Melville, Richard Arnott and Robbie Cumbrae-Stewart – all 2 Goals each

  • 1st place – James Bull and Matty Weigall – 3 Goals

VL3 Clubman award

  • Andy Ralph and Will Kibby

OM’s HC 2018 Awards – Metro A Team

Best & Fairest award

Tim Mustow knows the Golden Stick trophy like the back of his hand!

Tim Mustow knows the Golden Stick trophy like the back of his hand!

  • 3rd - George Hope

  • 2nd place – Jamie Hillemacher

  • 1st place – Jono Hopley

Highest Goal Scorer award

  • 3rd place – Charlie Hope – 4 Goals

  • 2nd place - Mark Loosschilder  - 6 goals

  • 1st place – Tim Mustow  – 18 Goals

Metro A Clubman award

  • Warwick Dreher and Rupert Murray-Arthur

Overall OM’s HC Club awards

Golden Stick – Most goals scored for club in the season

  • Tim Mustow from Metro A – 18 Goals

Newman Trophy - Best and Fairest from the Club’s top team

  • Andrew Strahan  

Presentation of Life Memberships - for outstanding service to the Club

  • Warwick Dreher and Matthew Weigall

Annual Club Awards 2017

Annual Club Awards 2017

The OM’s HC held its annual Club Awards Dinner recently...  

It was a great night with highlights being James Kinch (“Kinchy”) from VL2 taking out the clubs highest best of ground honour, the Newman Trophy and the Golden Stick award (most number of goals in regular season across all teams), won by Mark Loosschilder from Metro B.

Congrats to Kinchy, Mark and all the following players who were recognised  for the Winter 2017 season.

1st Team - VL2

Best & Fairest

  • 3rd  place - Kip Davey
  • 2nd place - Jamie Buxton
  • 1st place & Newman Trophy - James Kinch  

Highest Goal Scorer

  • 3rd  place – Harry Minchen – 4 Goals
  • 2nd place - Kip Davey – 5 Goals
  • 1st place – Cam Melville – 11 Goals


Reserves Team - VL2 Reserves

Best & Fairest

  • 3rd  place - Richard Arnott
  • 2nd place - Jointly equal Lachy & Rowan Slattery
  • 1st place - Andrew “Piddy” Strahan

Highest Goal Scorer

  • Equal 2nd places - Morgan Crouch, Matthew Weigall, Peter Kaleta , Lachy Slattery & Rowan Slattery
  • 1st place - Richard Arnott


Clubbies Team - Metro B

Best & Fairest

  • 3rd  place – equal Mark Loosschilder & Andrew Blizzard
  • 2nd place – Jono Hopley
  • 1st place – Charlie Hope

Highest Goal Scorer

  • 3rd  place – Tim Mustow – 14 Goals
  • 2nd place – Charlie Hope – 16 Goals
  • 1st place & Golden Stick winner – Mark Loosschilder  – 17 Goals


Club Player Recognition

Most Number of Games

  • Metro B  - Matthew Hopley (16) and Jules Landy (15)
  • 1st Reserves – Peter Kaleta (15) and Matthew Weigall & Richard Arnott (14 games)
  • 1st Team – John Collins and Jamie Buxton (both 16)


Big thanks also to our Club Coach, Jimmy Lekkas for his third year coaching at the club and to our Club sponsors Cadence Property and MAB. Also thanks to MGS who continue to support the club via the opportunity to train and play at Todd Rd.   

Big thanks to the 2016 / 17 Club Committee and to everyone who made a contribution to the Club on or off the field and will continue to do so in future.

OM's Oldest Club Warrior

OM's Oldest Club Warrior

Matthew is currently Old Melburnian Hockey Clubs’s oldest playing member. His longstanding career with the club started way back when in 1982 as a fresh faced 17 year old.

My first game for the Old Melburnians was in the winter of 1982.

Since then Matthew has racked up over 650 games for the club in both winter and summer seasons! As you would imagine, the length of his career has seen many highlights including fracturing his leg during the 1997 winter season yet still managing to take out the B&F and also managing to put the most goals in the back of the net. Another highlight included winning the premiership in the very last season that OMHC competed in a grass field competition.

A team highlight was winning the last ever grass premiership sometime in the early 90s, before the OMHC had to move with the times and switch to a synthetic pitch.
— Matthew Weigall

But Matthews greatest highlight was being a part of the history making 2016 season where all 3 OMHC teams took out the premiership! OMHC would like to thank Matthew for his services to the club as well as congratulate him on a stellar career that won’t be equalled for some time to come.

MGS Players Welcome!

MGS Players Welcome!

Join the OMHC for Season 2018!

The Old Melburnians Hockey Club offers you the chance to play with your school mates for many years to come.

Established in 1930, the Club has over 50 members and plays at Edwin Flack Park in Port Melbourne. We field multiple teams in Hockey Victoria’s competitions with players of all levels.

All training is overseen by our Club Coach and there are playing options to suit all standards. The club holds many social activities off-field too. Concession Club fees are available to all full-time students.

On a more serious note...

  • Play with the founders of the Duke of Babylon trophy, the most prestigious award in World Hockey.

  • Turn the tables on older school mates as you run rings around their now old weathered bodies. 

  • Make sure those 2 minute noodles don't go to your man-boobs and stay fit during Uni.

  • Get the last years of use out of that $300 hockey stick your parents bought you to get off the couch and get some sunshine.

Talk to us today to come down for a training session or two and see what it's all about.